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the Nearly Men Podcast


We are a video games podcast broadcasting out from Glasgow, Scotland. Hosted by Colin Little and Paul Kozinski, we release a new episode every second Friday.


The Nearly Men are just two normal gamers who have nothing to do with the video games industry: we don’t make them, we don’t sell them, we’re not even particularly good at them.


We are the Nearly Men and at some point, you have probably kicked our asses online!


Our 24 Hour Marathon went well - you can still donate at the link above!



Well, it's that time again... This is the Nearly Men's 3rd year taking part in SKSP. After surviving 24 hours of Movement games in 2015 and 24 hours of horror last year, the cracks are beginning to show... This year the Colin and Paul are showing a less than united front. This year the Nearly Men are going to war.


From 12pm on Friday the 13th October until 12pm on Saturday 14th, the boys are going head to head with 24 hours of competitive multiplayer games to decide once and for all who is the ultimate Nearly Man.


As ever, the full event will be streamed live on www.thenearlymen.com and all to raise money for The Edinburgh Children's Hospital Charity so please do give what you can.


The Battle Lines are drawn, are you #TeamPaul or #TeamColin ?


Its time to pick a side


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